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Cristian Latorre is a complete and versatile percussionist who combines the popular and symphonic traditions. Music has been always part of Cristian’s life. Since he was little his older brother and some cousins were studying music so for him the contact with musical instruments always came naturally. He began his formal percussion studies at the age of 9 years, and since then he is been immerse in that world.
At 13 he began his career as a professional musician playing at the Copiapó Symphony Orchestra. After that he kept both worlds parallel playing with prominent folk and pop groups as well as symphonic orchestras in the region for which he received special recognition as a top performer in percussion.

In the year 2000 Latorre decided to move to Santiago to start college as classical percussionist at the University of Chile under the direction of Prof. Mario Baeza Ciccione. From 2000 to 2004 Cristian played in the Classical Orchestra of the University of Santiago, National Classical Orchestra, and the Philharmonic Orchestra Temuco, at the same time he was playing shows as Latin percussionist.
By the year 2004 Cristian decides to devote all his time to popular music and detaches completely from symphonic activity and from that time he focuses in Latin-American percussion instruments and styles.
In his work as percussionist Cristian has devoted a lot of time to research Latin music as well as the folk music of his country, thereby learning the importance of the study and dissemination of the Chilean national folk music. Through this work Cristian has been able to bring Chilean music to different countries with great pride and commitment to Chilean percussion instruments like tambourines, torments, tañadores, etc.

Cristian has worked with important artists like Gustavo Ceratti (Soda Stereo), Gloria Simonetti (Chile), Nano Stern (Chile), Héctor "Gypsy" Pavéz, Ney Rosauro (Brazil), Camaguey Orchestra (Peru), Luis Barros (Chile), Orlando Oliva (Cuba), Rafael Santa Cruz (Peru), Mark Oliver (Peru), El Monte Aguilino (Chile), Grupo Feria (Chile), Juan Azua Orchestra (Chile), Santo Solar (Cuba), Latin Modern Ensemble, Inti Huaina (Chile), Banana Band (Chile), Manuel García (Chile), Francesca Ancarola, Trío Arauco, Cristina Araya, Moncho Romero, Santiago Centro, Conjunto Folklórico Pahukipa (Chile), and  has been guest Cajón player at the International Cajón Festival in Lima Perú.
Cristian teaches at the University of Chile Muspop, Academia Musical Samej, Centro Cultural La Colmena, and Orquesta Juvenil Latinoamericana de Cerro Navia.