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David Rosado Cuba

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David Rosado Cuba was born in Santurce Puerto Rico. In 1973, he began playing with his father, the famous Puerto Rican musician Fernando (Nando) Rosado, and later formed his own group called "Puerto Rican Mambo" alongside renowned musicians like Giovanni Hidalgo and Humberto Ramirez. In 1975 he started playing with the orchestra “San Juan” of Mr. Hector Lopez and in 1977 Rosado joined the orchestra of the Cora Brothers. That year David had the opportunity of meeting his idol Tito Puente who will become a good friend and his mentor. The same year he also met the great percussionists Juan Antonio Pepin, better known as Papo Pepin, and Willie Rosario. These two were also very influential in the development of David as a percussionist and it was thanks to Pepin that David was able to record for the first time with the great percussionist Rafael Cortijo. David has played with some of the most important salsa orchestras in Puerto Rico like Tommy Olivencia and his orchestra, Mario Ortiz and his orchestra, and the famous Batacumbele. In this band he played with Angel (Cachete) Maldonado and recorded two albums with them. David also play with international artists and bands like Antonio Caban Vale (El Topo), David Valentin, DLG, Marc Anthony, Celia Cruz, Tito Allen, Tito Puente, Eddie Palmieri, Grupo Yuba Ire, and Son del Barrio among others. In the year 1986 David start playing in the orchestra of singer Gilberto Santa Rosa with which he traveled the world and recorded eleven albums, many of them got double platinum. With this orchestra David performed at the Carnegie Hall in New York which was recorded and released as an album. Currently, David is working with various artists and groups such as Gilberto Santa Rosa and La Sonora Sanjuanera.