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Roberto Santamaria

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Born in La Habana / Cuba

Percussion teachers of Roberto Santamaria were the famous Cuban conga players Mongo Santamaria (his uncle), Chapotin and Oscar Valdez.

In the 90ies he played in various bands in La Habana and in Dubai

Since 2000 he is a teacher of afrocuban percussion; percussionist from Italy, Japan, Canada, Germany have learned afrocuban rhythms with Roberto

2003 report in Meinl catalogue about his uncle Mongo Santamaria; Roberto has signed with Meinl Percussion Company

2005 he has started with his own "Roberto Santamaria Band"

2006 tribute concert “Mongo, el cubano” to Mongo Santamaria, Habana Jazz Cafe

2007 percussion show in Habana Festival International del Tambor

2007 CD "Cuba Fiebre", recorded in La Habana

2008 Jazz&Classic Festival, Germany

2009 Percussion Festivals in Germany and Austria – Munich, Tübingen, Reutlingen, Salzburg

2010 Opening Concert for Festival Cuba Disco in tribute to Celina Gonzalez, the queen of Cuban country music, La Habana, Teatro Americano – by the order of the President of the Festival “Cuba Disco”

2010 certification of the conference about Cuban percussion in the Jazz Festival, signed by Chu Chu Valdez

2010 CD „Alma de Cuba“ with Funkband “6ix Toys” from Liverpool, feat. Roberto Santamaria and Greta Svabo Bech

2010 Tour in Germany / Concerts with Joe Gallardo (trombone), Orlando „CubaJazz“Sanchez (Piano, Tenor Sax, Clarinet) Soto, Dizzy Krisch (vibraphone)

2011 Album „Todo en Salsa“, recorded in Cuba, with Orlando Sanchez Soto, Danae Blanco, Miguel Rodriguez, Tonatiu Zardon

2011 he has moved to Germany

2011 Afro-Caribic Festival in Bayreuth / Salsa-Tour in South Germany with Rodrigo Villalon (Drums), Juan Camilo Villa (Bass), Ricardo Alvarez (Piano), Orlando Sanchez Soto (Sax), Danae Blanco (vocals), Dizzy Krisch (vibraphone)

2011/12 Shanghai, Roberto Santamaria and his CubaJazz Band in the House of Blues and Jazz, the first Shanghai Jazz Club on the Bund

2012 Germany, concerts with Hector Martignon (piano) and Joe Gallardo (brass)