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Trevor Lawrence Jr.

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Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Lionel Richie, Herbie Hancock


Trevor Lawrence, Jr. is one of R&B and hip-hop’s best and most popular drummers for sessions and touring.

In a day and age where the art of musicianship is being traded in by technological advancement, Trevor Lawrence, Jr. emerges as a multi-talented music producer and drummer who’s body of work speaks to both worlds seamlessly. As one of R&B and hip-hop’s most sought after session and touring drummers, Trevor has made a name for himself playing alongside some of the most famous recording artists and musicians on the planet. He has also experienced extreme success as a highly accomplished music producer as he’s contributed to a myriad of albums that, since 2000, have been nominated for Grammy awards every year.

Trevor’s DNA provided him with the platform for his unrelenting work ethic and success. He grew up in an environment permeated with music thus making his connection to music undeniable. His father, Trevor Lawrence Sr., is one of music’s most renowned tenor saxophone players and horn arrangers in the business. Having played with artists as diverse as Marvin Gaye, Lynryd Skynyrd, B.B. King, and Ringo Starr, Trevor, Sr. was able to help plant the seeds of his son’s passion for music at a very early age. Trevor’s mother is a highly accomplished vocalist who performed on Stevie Wonder’s landmark 1970’s album, Songs in the Key of Life and is a member of the legendary singing group, The Supremes.

At the age of two, Trevor stepped right into the footsteps of his parents and has embarked upon a musical journey envied by most of his contemporaries. Trevor lists two of his most notable accomplishments as having played alongside Jazz great Dizzy Gillespie at the tender age of 13, and his performance, with Stevie Wonder, in front of one million people at Live 8 in Philadelphia.

Over the years, Trevor has honed his craft by touring and doing studio work with some of the biggest names in music; artists such as Mariah Carey, Lionel Richie, Ashanti, Jennifer Lopez, Taj Mahal, Dr. Dre, Macy Gray and The Temptations, Snoop Dogg, Eminem and Herbie Hancock. 

A force to be reckoned with, Trevor Lawrence, Jr., continues to inspire his contemporaries and fans of his work with well respected catalog and die hard work ethic. Through his work, he is able to infer that determination, dedication, and passion for what you do will always result in positive results.