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Thursday, May 22, 2014 - 15:17 PM

Calle 13 U.S. Tour


Hello everyone, 

These are the dates for the first leg of Calle 13's U.S. Tour Multiviral. They have already played in front of hundreds of thousands of people in Latin America and now they are in the U.S.

MEINL Percussion artists Andres Cruz and Frank David Fuentes have a very important role in this show playing Congas, Timbales, Bata, Surdos, etc. If you are around don't miss it!!! 

I'm very proud to have these two percussionists as part of the MEINL percussion team, they are not only great percussionists they are great people to work with. I can say the same about the whole Calle 13 production team, they are setting up the bar really high for all other tour productions out there. Congratulations. 

May 22 - Santa Ana ,CA

May 23 - Tucson, AZ

May 24 - El Paso, TX

May 25 - Austin, TX

May 25 - Houston TX

Calle 13 will also be in Mexico on May 30, Torreón, Mexico. 


Germán Baratto

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