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Thursday, April 25, 2013 - 17:12 PM

Drumset Percussion: The New Turbo Crasher

Set-Up ideas by MEINL Cymbals artists Peter Wildoer and Derek Roddy

MEINL Cymbals  artist Peter Wildoer (James LaBrie, Darkane) is one of those drummers who is always looking for something new. Whether it is a new groove or a new cymbal that he is trying out, he is always open to be inspired and grow as a musician.

And since we are making 'the ultimate selection' of percussion instruments, there is plenty of toys for him to choose from. When we came out with our Turbo Crasher this year, Peter was one of the first guys to jump on that idea. He is now using it in his set-up and plays it with his left foot attached to a single pedal. Peter is currently on a clinic tour in Italy. If you have a chance check him out there. He also promised me some exclusive video footage that he took from that tour which I'll post here later on. 


Extreme Metal drummer Derek Roddy uses it too now and has emailed me this photo of how he is using it in his set-up. He actually turns the crasher around so the beater doesn't hit the silver plates which may eventually damage the beater. And according to Derek, it still sounds the same. What a great idea!


Our Pedal Mount attaches the Turbo Crasher to any common drum pedal.

Maybe just like Peter or Derek you'll find some new inspirations there for your own playing? Have fun experimenting - until next time.

- norbert


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