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Friday, June 21, 2013 - 21:43 PM

Hand Percussion Today

Hand percussion today
The times when congas were the only world percussion instruments are gone and now we live in a more global era thanks to the many advances in technology and communication. Nowadays information is available 24/7 and this has caused many positive effects in music. One of them is that music has a mix of international and traditional elements that combine to make an eclectic kind of style.
Around the world, amateur and professional musicians have the chance to learn about music from far away cultures. I see it all the time in our social media postings when people from Latin America liked a posting about Middle Eastern music and fans from India liked a posting about Afro-Cuban or Puerto Rican music, just to give you a few examples.
In a band you may have a guitar, piano, bass and drums but is the percussionist who is usually in charge of putting the touch of world music to the songs. So it is the percussionist’s responsibility to have available a decent collection of instruments that will satisfy the needs of the music. And here is where a company like MEINL becomes the percussionist’s best friend. We have the selection and quality they need to fulfill their musical needs as well as the global distribution to make it available for them. 
But there is more than just going to the store and getting the instrument, the percussionist needs to be able to play the instrument at a proficient level as well. So he or she needs to find a teacher for a couple of lessons on how to get started on a particular instrument. Fortunately, online lessons are available for those individuals who don’t live near a good teacher. The MEINL percussion website and YouTube channel have a big collection of product and artist videos from around the world that show you how the instruments sound and how to get started on the instrument with the most popular styles.
We are glad we are able to provide our friends with all these tools to help them succeed.  So consider your one stop for all your percussion needs where you can find information about products, music and artists.
Stay tuned for more.
Germán Baratto

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