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Tuesday, October 08, 2013 - 20:17 PM

Jorge Perez brings the Spanish flavor to MEINL

MEINL Percussion artist Jorge Perez is an active percussionist that stays busy playing and recording with who's who in Spain. Jorge's playing represents the current trend of mixed styles and techniques that the new generation of percussionists are embracing these days.

For example, he plays flamenco on the Cajón but can also play an Afro-Cuban style on it, same thing with timbales and congas. Jorge also plays drumset and multi-percussion sets with which he explores all kinds of different possibilities and ideas. 

We are very proud to have Jorge as part of the MEINL Percussion team. We feel that his creative mind finds the perfect tools in MEINL's selection.  

In the following video you can see Jorge playing a wide variety of instruments in which he displays extreme independence. 


Germán Baratto



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