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Friday, November 01, 2013 - 15:17 PM

Juan Picorelli NEW MEINL Percussion Artist


Happy friday to all. Today I wanted to welcome a new MEINL artist from Puerto Rico, Juan Picorelli to the family. 

Picorelli is part of a new generation of great musicians who are coming out of Puerto Rico. Picorelli is currently the musical director and conga player for world renowned latin singer Victor Manuelle “El Sonero de la Juventud”.

Watch out for him and his "Casi 20" 2013 world tour. Here are the tour dates for November, so a big shout to all our fans in these countries:

November 2 - Caracas, Venezuela

November 3 - Bogota, Colombia

November 8 - Arequipa, Peru

November 9 - Lima, Peru

November 15 - Browand County, Florida

November 16 - West Palm Beach, Florida 

November 20 - Esmeralda, Ecuador

November 22 - Barranquilla, Colombia

November 27 - Venezuela


Welcome Juan! 

Germán Baratto



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