Meinl Percussion


Monday, April 07, 2014 - 8:26 AM

[New for 2014] The MEINL Artisan Edition Flamenco Cajon Fandango Line

Careful consideration for sound, look, and player comfort is taken to great lengths with MEINL’s Fandango line of Artisan Cajons. A 15mm thick resonating body constructed of solid Tulypiel Wood is carved on the inside for uncompromising sound quality and is supported by specially formulated soft rubber feet. 16 adjustable vertical strings are positioned against the ergonomically curved Indian Apple Wood frontplate. This wood, commonly used in veneers and home décor, adds striking beauty and elegance to this instrument. Convex contact of the hands on the frontplate allows for added control, sensitivity, and comfort for the player. Find your optimal snare sound by adjusting the two independent tuning screws on the bottom for tight or loose string tension. 

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