Meinl Percussion


Tuesday, March 19, 2013 - 19:09 PM

Today I learned a lot about Frame Drums

Today, two frame drum experts visited me at the MEINL headquarters in Gutenstetten - Norbert Eckermann and Nora Thiele.

I already introduced Norbert a few days ago. What can I say about him... he's a genius. His drums are just excellent. Period.

And Nora is a fantastic frame drum player. She didn't play much during our meeting, but once she held a good sounding Tar (North African / Middle East frame drum) in hands it just goes BAAAM! and I mean it... very impressive!

We checked the new Artisan Edition Frame Drums I created together with Norbert and we talked about many new ideas. 

This was a very inspiring day for me and all I can say is - I learned a lot about this fine instruments.

Thanks guys for dropping by and I hope we see each other soon.


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