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Tuesday, September 17, 2013 - 21:51 PM

Top videos in 2013

Hello everyone, 

Today I wanted to talk about the MEINL YouTube Channel. If you have not visited it I encourage you to do it. We've been working really hard on making it the "one stop" for entertainment, education, and product spotlight, all in one website. Sometimes we got all that in one single video!

Currently we have a total of 268 videos of products, artists and events like the Winter NAMM Show. This year we have uploaded a total of 72 videos featuring different musical styles and world cultures as well as new product videos. Out of those 72 the following videos are our top 5, check them out to see why! 

1. Luis ConteArtist Series Conga Solo

This video was produced in Nashville, TN. We had a blast making it. I wish you could see the bloopers and hear Luis' jokes, Luis is a fun guy to work with. 

2. Carlos Maldonado – Conga Solo

This one I produced with Carlos in New York City and this is the first and only take we did. Carlos is an amazing musician and this video is proof of that. What I love about it is how melodic the congas sound. Carlos is playing music on the drums. 

3. Diego Camacho – Timbale Solo

I did this one with Diego in Miami. It was kind of a last minute thing and we almost didn't get to do it, but it came out really well. In fact, those are not his timbales, he borrowed them from Ramses Araya with whom I recorded another video previously. I'm convinced that the reason the video came out so well it's because of Diego's experience in the recording studio. 

4. Luis Conte - Timbale Solo

This one was produced the same day as the Conga Solo video and that's me playing congas in the background, but you can't see me. We did three takes of this one, two with no accompaniment and the last one with me playing a simple conga pattern in the back. Luis felt that this last take sounded the best and felt the best. Sometimes it's easier to feel free to improvise when you have some kind of accompaniment instead of you being by yourself and this is one of those times.  

5. Carlos Maldonado – Timbale Solo

Last but not least, this one was done the same day as the Conga Solo video. What I like the most about this video is that Carlos is demonstrating a modern way to play Timbales using techniques like the one hand roll and using cymbals that are not traditional in a Timbale set.  

It's a wrap! I hope you liked reading my "behind the scenes" video stories and that you can find the time to check our videos. Stay tuned because we have a lot more in store for you.

Germán Baratto

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