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Van Canto, In Legend


Bastian Emig having grown up in the dusty fields of Burkina Faso, he already discovers the drumset at a very young age via his playing of the djembe. Thus, one can hardly imagine a better rhythmic foster mother than the trembling pulse of Africa. Being back in Germany at an age of six years, he also starts with piano lessons. The combination of rhythm and melody leads him to his first band JESTER’S FUNERAL and also in his subsequent band THE RAZORBLADES where he first takes over the drummer duties and then advances to the position of a full-fledged composer, particularly in the first band. After his studies of bioinformatics,Bastian spends a year in China where he becomes an active member of several different bands while studying the Chinese language at the same time. With NARAKAM, China’s most popular thrash metal band, he finds himself touring across China several times with the highlight being a performance at Midi Festival 2007 in the Haidian Park in front of several thousands of people. Bastian also joins the ranks of the TONING DRUMCIRCLE, which unites the most ambitious drummers from Beijing and which gives him the opportunity to perform as part of the biggest entertainment show of the Chinese state television on New Year’s Eve in front of approximately 800 million Chinese people at the famous Beijing Drum Tower. Back in Germany, Bastian continues his drum duties and becomes a full-fledged member of the only heavy metal a-cappella band in the world – VAN CANTO. In 2010 he founds the band IN LEGEND with which he makes his own piano compositions become reality and performs as singer and pianist. Besides all that, Bastian currently resides in Berlin and creates music and sound design works for several different radio plays and movie productions.