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Since 1958, Ascend Performing Arts is a multi-faceted, youth performing arts organization dedicated to elevating life performance through the pursuit of excellence and is recognized as the Rocky Mountain region’s most visible performing arts organization.  Programs such as the internationally acclaimed DCI Perennial Top-12 Blue Knights Drum & Bugle Corps, the 4-time WGI World Champion Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble, and Blue Knights Winds play an important role in providing high-caliber performance ensembles for thousands of youth performers each year. Performing arts programs, educational outreach, and multiple performance events all speak to an organization that has evolved through time, meeting the needs of the Blue Knights and the community it serves. Annually, Ascend Performing Arts programs and educational outreach clinics directly impact over 1,000 youth with hands-on instruction, and more than 3,400 students with the opportunity to attend and/or participate in our clinics and programs. In addition, over 15,000 people attended events developed and produced by Ascend Performing Arts. Combine this with 3 Blue Knights performing programs touring nationally, and the organization touches the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in one year alone.