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Carlo Di Francesco was born in 1981 and started studing percussions at 14 years old, than at 18 he went to Cuba where he studied all kinds of cuban percussions like Batà, chequerè, timbales, bongos.

His teachers were Changuito, Jose Eladio Amat, Carlos Aldama Perez, Justo Pelladito, Yaroldi Abreu, Emilio Del Monte and much more.
He studied almost two years in the ISA that is the SUPERIOR INSTITUTE OF ARTS, the school of Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Chucho Valdes and a lot of great cuban musician!
When he came back to Italy, he started to work touring and recording with followings Italian singer like TOSCA, CRISTIANO DE ANDRE, EUGENIO FINARDI, ALEX BRITTI, EDOARDO BENNATO, VALERIA ROSSI, ELENA BONELLI, FABRIZIO MORO, CHIARA GALIAZZO, MATTIA LEVER, ELHAIDA DANI and with the most important female singer in Italy FIORELLA MANNOIA .
He also plays a lot in tv shows for italian television...He started working in the 2003 in DOMENICA IN for 3 years, BACIAMI VERSILIA, TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE, I FUORICLASSE, GRAZIE A TUTTI, TUTTI A SCUOLA, NATALE IN VATICANO, THE VOICE OF ITALY and much more!
Now he‘s still working like percussionist, producer and arrangier for FIORELLA MANNOIA.