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Chester Thompson

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Phil Collins, Frank Zappa, Weather Report, Genesis, Steve Hackett


Chester Thompson made his name playing in Frank Zappa's touring band (as part of the 1973–1974 lineups) and on such noted Zappa albums as "Roxy & Elsewhere," "You Can'd Do That On Stage Anymore, Vol. 2," and "One Size Fits All." In addition Chester on Weather Report's album "Black Market."

His longest-standing gig was with the legendary Genesis as the touring drummer (1977-2007). His relationship with the band began with the departure of frontman Peter Gabriel. Then-drummer, Phil Collins assumed Gabriel's role in live shows, but remained behind the drum kit in the studio. Thompson became the touring drummer in 1977, playing on their tours in that year and in 1978, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983/4, 1986/7, 1992 and the 2007 reunion Turn It On Again Tour. Chester is featured on their live albums "Seconds Out," "Three Sides Live," "The Way We Walk Volume 1" and "Volume 2," and "Live Over Europe."

Thompson has also worked with Phil Collins on his solo concert tours, drumming on the 1982/83 tour, 1985 tour, 1990 tour, the 1999 tour and The Final Farewell tour of 2004/05. Chester also appears on "Phil Collins' Serious Hits...Live!" (1990) live album and DVD, and has released his own solo album, "A Joyful Noise" (1999).