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Coloso Gutierrez



Well-known in the artistic and musical world as Coloso, Jiscler is born in the Vedado from Havana City in Cuba in a family of musicians and artists, among them his grandparents, his mother and the unforgettable Celia Cruz. Coloso's musical talent developed at an early age while playing in the street rumbas and his first teacher was his mother Caridad who guided him in his artistic career all the way through his formal studies in the Conservatoire of Music Alejandro García Caturla.

In the year 1990 he initiates his professional career with the Group “Fernando Valle y Su Sazón” and as well as with different important orchestras like “Yamila y Su Charanga”, “Salsa Tropical”, “Espont Sua”, “Clásicos Latinos”, “La Corte Cubana”,”Sensación Latina” and “Navarro y Su Danzón”.During his career Coloso has shared the stage with bands and artists like Bobby Carcase, Giraldo Piloto, Andrés Miranda, César López, José Luis Quintana “Changuito”, Tata Guines, Rolando Luna, Giovanni Hidalgo, "The Brother Bananas”, “John and Machete”, Ralph Irizarry, "Charanga For Ever", "Sabrosura Viva", "Banda la Caridad" y "Clásicos de la Salsa." As a recording artist Coloso has been involved in projects with "Ecos de Siboney y Compay Segundo” and in 2003 with the French Producer "Fusión CUB 1" y "Fusión CUB 2”.At the moment Coloso” resides in Guatemala where he arrived in the middle of 2003 with the orchestra "Habana Caliente" and where he is been involved in projects with "Los Vagabundos", "El Tambor de la Tribu", "Grupo Lagartos" and "Habaneando Cuba Live Music".

 Also in Guatemala Coloso has done percussion clinics at the National Conservatory of Music, the “Galileo Guatemala University”,“Francisco Marroquín University” and others.His goal in the life is to always succeed and to live with music and for music. His favorite citation “Azúcar y Camina” without a doubt a phrase that transmits joy, energy and a lot of positiveness.