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Deabru Beltzak

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The company’s first show, Les Tambours de Feu, combined all the features that define Deabru Beltzak: teamwork, movement, streets used in new ways, percussion, direct contact with the public and, above all, lots of energy and enthusiasm. 
The company took this first production all over the world, giving over 800 performances in festivals in France, Germany, Colombia, Venezuela, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Luxembourg, Mexico, Switzerland, Cabo Verde, Italy, Portugal, Croatia, Poland and England, marking a huge success both at home and abroad. 
One result was that Deabru Beltzak became the best-known Basque company on the international scene, a reputation which it still maintains to this day, 20 years later. 20 years of hard work, creativity and travel have now produced their latest offering: Su Talka, a show that has arisen organically out of the company’s long experience. Su Talka is an in-depth exploration of well-known ingredients, including creativity, originality, energy and the keen desire to stay in the front ranks of international street theatre