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Djavan Bispo

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Born in Sergipe, Brazil, Djavan Bispo is an autodidact musician. He started to play the percussion very young at home, when his father used to leave some instruments in his hand. From the northeastern part of Brazil, where the afro-brazilian culture is very strong, it was natural for him to learn these rhythms.

Djavan has always been in contact with the Nago’s culture. He is passionate about capoeira. He plays the berimbau, pandeiro, surdo, bongo, conga, djembe, timbau, cajon and many others instruments. In Brazil, he has participated in several festivals of music giving many successful concerts. He has a huge knowledge of numerous styles of brazilian music such as; Maracatu, Frevo, Baião, Forró and Samba however his goal is to give another color for his playing, mixing and exploring the sonority of each instrument in a new way. In 2008, Djavan moved to Switzerland. He takes part in several projects and groups. In 2010, he participated in a concert broadcast by Suisse Romande Radio, called “Sons do Brasil” – Sounds of Brazil. He has captivated the audiences with his performances.