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Ephraim Salzmann (*1975) lives and works with and around music since his early childhood. Shaped from the musical work ofhis father Salzmann Amadé † and many influences through personal experience, practice, workshops and elemental incidents he develops his own way of musical expression – especially in the field of percussion instruments from all over the world such as drumset, cajon, chopping boards, congas, xylophone, didgeridoo or udu drums to mention only a few.

He is the founder of the „Spillrüm Naters“- a music platform where the young and the young at heart found a place for their own music. Furthermore he organises music lessons, manages different classes and courses and leads musicians to new musical experiences.

As a trained guide for developmentaloriented music he contributes at different institutions and schools in Oberwallis, induces and moves people with rhythm and sound and acts as a lecturer for continuing music education in Bern.

In 2011 he receives a cultural promotion prize of the Swiss canton of Wallis, the Förderpreis 2011, for his cultural work all over his home valley. Thanks to his polyvalent musical activities he participates in the cultural life throughout Oberwallis in a very dedicated way.

As a musician he accompanies other artists, dancers, writers and inspirespeople with his way of making music.