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Florian Alexandru-Zorn

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Erenc, Independent brush teacher


Born and raised in the south west of germany Florian Alexandru-Zorn gets first in contact with the drums at age of 9. Because of the american military based there the jazz scene in that area is pretty popular.

Alexandru-Zorn plays his first east european tours with a worldmusic project called Esfahan at age of 18 . Romuald Erenc (one of the leading classical guitarists in Poland) is a member of that group. Erenc decides to play his songs in a Duo only with classical guitar and drums. That's the point where Alexandru-Zorn gets deeper and deeper into the the world of brushplaying.

2008 he published his first book on the european market about brushplaying. Its now published worldwide and has set a new standard in brush technique. From that point on he gets invitations for the leading drumfestivals and workshops worldwide such as:

PASIC 2011
Dresdner Drumfestival
Drums 'n' Percussion Paderborn
PAS day of percussion in Salt Lake City
Trommeltage Salzgitter

In 2011 the launch of his book "The Complete Guide To Playing Brushes" in the U.S.A. he gets a five star review at the modern drummer magazine. Florian Alexandru-Zorn is a Member of the Modern Drummer Educational Team. 

2012 his new double DVD "The Brush Secret" has been released worldwide via Alfred Music Publishi