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Gabriele Gagliarini




Passionate about music, starts a percussion studio in Rome

in 1994 with Master Valter Paiola, at the Rome TIMBA percussion school.

In 1998 he started an Arab drum studio (darbuka) with Egyptian Master Abdallha Mohamed.

In 1999, in Spain, he studied cajon-flamenco with master Diego Alvarez and then studied African-Cuban percussion in Cuba.

Back in Italy he continues to study Cuban music with Roberto

Evangelists, Paulo la Rosa and Reinaldo Hernandez also

learn to study Arab music with Master Abdalla Mohamed

so much to become his assistant. The Master Abdallha follows in the

percussion stage held throughout Italy.

In 2000 he began collaborating with the oriental Dance Master Saad Istmail in several shows. In 2001 he plays with the "Musicians of the Nile" (historical training known by Peter Gabriel) in Florence. After attending Rome at Hossam Ramzi's stage, he is invited to play with him in Italian shows.

Since 2010 he has studied Italian percussion and drumming with Maestro Arnaldo Vacca.

Since 2004, she has been participating first as an assistant, then as a Maestro at Etnie, a summer music campus.

Since 2007 he teaches Darbuka and Cajon at Timba di Roma.

Then towards the popular school of the Testaccio

I Music Shool of Rome

He has workshops in Italy on rhythms and dances in the Mediterranean.

Work experiences:

plays and hosts dance and oriental music throughout Italy working with numerous dancers and collaborating on the realization of Oriental dance events (Rimini).

As for flamenco, he has been playing since 2003 with all flamenco companies in Italy, he is an external consultant for flamenco festivals in Rome at the Auditorium Parco Della Musica

For the festivals of 2005,2007 and 2009 in 2015, he has her own exhibition of flamenco contaminated by Semilla Flamenca.

For Italian folk music, has been playing for years with Nando Citarella

And the Vesuvio drums with whom he participated as a teacher at the various workshops of the company, Rome has always engaged in the spread of traditional culture by organizing and participating in numerous initiatives designed to bring people closer to their culture, collaborating with space Former Customs and with the university wisdom, to organize meetings \ concerts on popular music.

For Latin American Music after studying Timba begins playing for several salsa formations present in the capital, plays for Cuban singer Gregorio Hernandez called Grammy's Goyo, Grammy winner for traditional Latin American music.

With the Farias, training Argentina, and collaborating with the Cervantes institute in Rome to accompany the various foreign artists who from time to time invite.

It forms its own Sin Fronteras band, which brings together a whole lot of Latin American folklore, as each component comes from a different South American country and each one brings a pinch of its culture through a sound or song.

with Mulemba by Reinaldo Hernandez (Afrocubana).

he funded the Semilla cultural association in 2010, where she produces several projects and records including Takadum Orchestra, a project of 16 elements that explores the music of the Mediterranean. Semilla with Lavinia Mancusi with whom through popular music collects the rhythms and sounds of the peoples who have now become part of our territory, thus changing our tradition.

And Sin Frontera that, as the title says, brings together the various Latin American countries in Italy and makes them play together, creating a particular blend and especially cutting off borders.

Record discs with Francesco De Gregori, Alessandro Mannarino, Beppe Fiorello, Nando Citarella, David Riondino, Olen Cesari and music for the film Welcome to the South.

For the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, she conducts workshops in elementary schools in Palestine by teaching the value of recycling by building musical instruments with what surrounds us and that we often throw.