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Georg Edlinger

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Electric Mantra, Universal Rhythm Blasters At Work, Shineform, Solo Georg Edlinger - Percussion Beyond The Timelines, Wolfgang Dorninger & Didi Bruckmayr, Fuckhead, Petrol Gang, The Brand New Barbarians, Swampsucker, Asi Son, Drumball Connection, Tanga, Homme Beige


Georg Edlinger - As a lecturer at Gustav Maler Conservatory and Franz Schubert Conservatory Vienna he founded an ethnic percussion academy, which is run under public law. As an author, Georg Edlinger is one of the specialists who are responsible for the development of the curriculum pertaining to ethnic percussion education at music schools all over Austria. Besides, he has also produced a number of CDs, has written various instructional books and has been in charge of several theatre productions.