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Giovanni Imparato

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Independent, Orchestra Italiana di Renzo Arbore


Giovanni Imparato is a Neapolitan master drum (tumbadora, Bata drums, bongos, timbales), and he’s identified with “AFROCUBANìA”, an Afro and Cuban mixed percussion genre.

His play is influenced by Cuban and Afro music, and also by the religious path of “Ana”, a great YORUBA deity, an African religion which continued to Cuba and South America through the slavery diaspora.

Giovanni is a great solo artist, singer and composer, but he has also worked as a percussionist with big international names: Ray Charles, Issac Delgado, Mina, Lazaro Ros, Goyo Hernandez, Conjunto Folklorico Nacional De Cuba, Renzo Arbore, Eros Ramazzotti, Lucio Dalla, Abbilona, Sunlightsquare, Mystic Diversions, Chispa Y Su Complices. Giovanni teaches for the SLMC (Saint Louis College Of Music)