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As one of the top percussionist of the new generations, Heng Liu comes with the new ideas on the percussion performance and composing.

Heng Liu is born in Xi’an. He began his percussion study with his father Yaguang Liu, who is a percussion professor in the Xi’an Conservatory of Music. When he was 13 years old, he played a Marimba Concerto with the No.1 railway middle school of Xi’an and won the 1st price of the music competition between the schools of the Zheng Zhou railway system. He also takes performance in Europe like Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria.

When he was 16, he began to study with Prof. Gang Liu, the percussion professor of the Central Conservatory of Music, and in 2005 he start his percussion study in the Central Conservatory of Music with Prof. Gang Liu and Prof. Biao Li. In 2009, he was recommended for the Master Degree study on the percussion in the same Conservatory (CCOM) with Prof. Biao Li.

In 2006, he won the 1st price of the perfessional group on the “2nd session of the percussion competition in China ”, and he won the scholarship of “Fu Chengxian” in CCOM. In 2007, he won the scholarship of YAMAHA.

During his study in CCOM, he played in the Youth Orchestral of China as a Principle Percussion, and also he played in a lot of famous orchestras like the National Orchestra of China, Bejing Symphony Orchestra, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, EOS Orchestra and so on.

He founded the Modern Percussion Group in CCOM, and composed many different style of percussion music like classical, latin, jazz, fusion, funk and so on with the group members, and played percussion concert in many different college in Beijing.

He joined the Biao Li Percussion Group at the same time, and as a percussionist and percussion teacher attended in many concert and percussion camp.

During his studied, Heng Liu was invited in the many international percussion festival and competitions like the 50th Anniversary of PASIC in the U.S., the 1st International Percussion Festival in NCPA, the Marimba Competition in Salzburg and the Percussion Competition in Bulgaria, and played solo and percussion ensemble pieces.

In March of 2010, he joined the NCPA Orchestral as a Timpanist and the Assistant Principle Percussionist.

During the studies in CCOM and performance in NCPAO, he studied a lot of world percussion and in 2011 he published the book “African Drumming”, which is the first African drumming book in China with the “Toning Drum” and in 2012, he took sponsor as percussionist of Meinl Percussion in China.

Liu Heng is also committed to the percussion and electronic music composing and arrangement. He composed the percussion ensemble piece “MK 5”, ”Graduated Bossa”. “Face to Face”, percussion solo piece “MK solo”, “One by One”, percussion and electronic piece “Travelling”, “MK”, “Percumotion”, “Perc_Drum and Bass”, “the Dream of Percussion”,and he performed his piece in the NCPA Concert Hall, CCOM Concert Hall, Shanghai Concert Hall, Xi’an Concert Hall and XAOM Concert Hall.

In August 2011 he took a “Heng Liu  percussion solo concert” in the “6th session of the competition in China”, showed his percussion philosophy and attitude and won a high opinion.

In May 2012, he held “the Dream of Percussion — Heng Liu Percussion Solo Concert” in CCOM Concert Hall. He premiered many piece in China like “Iching” of Per Norgard (whole piece), “Vibraphone concerto” of Emmauel Sejourne, “Zapping Trio” of Eric Sammut, “the Dream of Percussion” of  Heng Liu. He also used the Electronic Music, Multimedia , Interactive Media in the piece “Mudra” of Bob Becker and “the Reflection on the Nature of Water” of Jacob Druckman. He won an excellent comment and high opinion from all the professors, teachers and audience and got his Master Degree of Percussion with the 1st scores.

In June 2012, he founded the “pd Duo” — the Percussion and Drumset Duo with the graduated percussion student in CCOM Li Yanchao, and premiered the concert in CCOM Recital Hall with a high opinion in July. Later, they recorded their first CD and published.

In October 2012, he was invited to performing in the NCPA International Percussion Festival as a “Star in the Future”, and he was invited to write a new picee to play in the festival which named “Impression”, also he played his electronic music and percussion piece “Percomotion” in the concert.