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Homayoon Nasiri

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He started learning music at the age of 9. The first instrument was drum. After entering the School of Arts he continued learning this instrument professionally with Mr. Jamshid Mohhebi. Apart from that he studied Harmony and musical theories of Iranian music by Santoor and because he was very much fond of rhythm and percussion. He started learning different types of percussion instruments of different parts of Iran such as Damam, Naghareh, Daf, Dohol and...the rest.

After that he started learning African and South American percussion instruments such as Congas, Bangos, Timbales, Djembe, Cajon and....the rest of the instruments.

So far he has co-operated and worked with different singers and groups such as Shahram Nazeri, Homayoon Shajarian, Alireza Ghorbani, Ardeshir and Ardavan Kamkar, Shams Ensemble, Hessar Ensemble, Alireza Assar, Mohammad Esfahani, Shadmehr Aghili, Naser Abdollahi and Ehsan Khaje Amiri.

He has also worked in the style of composing music with groups such as Peter Soleimanipour group and Babak Amini.

In year 2007 he founded  Daarkoob Band and ever since he is the leader of the group. The music of this group is the mixture of Iranian melodies and native rhythms and also a mixture of African and South American rhythms.

Daarkoob has published two albums, “Daarkoob” album and Leiva and also a pictorial album.

Homayoon Nasiri has been the artist of Meinl company ever since 2008 and has attended in master classes of Hakim Ludin and Stephan Mass in Tehran in 2014.

He has been teaching for fifteen years and has had many students and still has plenty.