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Hongtao Wang




Wang Hongtao, one of the finest drummers in China, has built a niche for himself in the music world. He has become one of the local artists of Meinl, a leading manufacturer of cymbals and percussion instruments in 2007. Wang is often invited to play drums in many kinds of music concerts, TV shows and other occasions, such as opening and closing ceremonies of sports games.

Since 2000, Wang has been invited to play drums for many famous singers and their concerts in China and other countries. He was a Chief percussionist for Sun Nan, Na Ying, Sha Baoliang, Wu Qixian, Jay Chow, Shui Mu Nian Hua, Zhang Xing, Zhang jie, Li Yuchun, Li Xiaoyun, Pang Long, Bai Xue, and Cheng Lin and so on. 

He has a long and close relation with CCTV (China Central Television). Now Wang and his band still active in the stages of CCTV music programs, such as Happy Chinese Line, Xing Gang Da Dao, Art Life, Meet with You, Fei Chang 6+1, and so on. In 2008, he played in opening and closing ceremonies of The Olympic Cultural Festival. Live teaching congas on the 1st Portuguese-speaking games opening ceremony in Macau, he had a successful beginning of a new career --- drummer teaching. He created a drummer training school in his home town, Baoding, and unassumingly proclaimed his life’s motto that, “Be yourself, and then be a drummer.” Wang Hongtao is highly respected for his drum training work that has helped over 250 children, youths and adults to learn drums. In 2005, Wang produced his first drum-teaching textbook “Congas Course”. 

Wang’s hard work has paid off in many ways. In 2007, he was invited to attend the Third Shanghai International Drummer Festival. As a demonstrator for Meinl percussion instruments, Wang played drums on his own solo concert in Beijing Midi School of Music. As a teacher, Wang gave lessons at his Music School in Baoding in Dec. 2008. Wang’s school was awarded the Best Western Percussion Teaching Base in Hebei by Hebei Western Percussion Association. Wang established the first national children Latin percussion Group ‘Xuangu Beats” and In 2009 won the second prize in Spring Festival Children’s TV Programs watchers Poll winner Hebei Province. Wang organized the first electro acoustic band --- “Xiaohuoban” and this band was invited by HEBTV as the special performer. He propagated Drum Circle, a kind of popular method to learn percussion in the world. Eventually because of this reason, his school held special large performances for four consecutive terms successfully in the local. He received lots of live congratulations on VCR from many famous musicians and singers on site, such as Wang Xiaodong, Li Yanliang, Zheng Chaohui, Ya Zi, Wang Feng, Wu Qixian, and Zhang Jie and so on.