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Idania Valdès

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Idania was born in Havana, Cuba in a family of a rich musical tradition. She was exposed to music at an early age thanks to her grandfather Amadito Valdes (father) Clarinetist and Saxophonist pioneer Jazz Band orchestras in Cuba, and his father Amadito Valdes (son) outstanding percussionist (Areíto Stars, Buena Vista Social Club, Afro Cuban All Stars). 

Idania starts musical studies at age 7 years in the school "Manuel Saumell" and then entered the Conservatory "Amadeo Roldan". Later she begins her professional work with Habanera Son and Musas Son and was invited to perform with her father Amadito Valdés at the presentation of his album "Bajando Gervasio" (nominated for the 2003 Grammy Award) in the club "Motion Blue" Yokohama, Japan.
Since 2003 and until today is part of the "Buena Vista Social Club" in which she has shared stage with great representative figures of Cuban culture worldwide as Ibrahim Ferrer, Omara Portuondo, Eliades Ochoa, Orlando "Cachaito" Lopez Manuel "El Guajiro" Mirabal, Amadito Valdes, and Barbarito Torres
In 2005 she was invited to play various tracks on the CD "Rhythms of the World", a major label production where Cuban artists collaborated with major international exponents as: Sting, Aquila Rose, Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead, Maroon 5, U2, Quincy Jones, and Amy Winehouse.

All in favor of the fight against climate change and global warming Idania Valdés is one of the most important voices of the current music scene and the youngest voice of the Buena Vista Social Club. She also has her own project that fuses traditional Cuban music with jazz and Brazilian influences and recently finished the recording of her first solo album.