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Alle falde del Kilimangiaro


Ismaila Mbaye was born in Goree Island, Senegal, the heart of the African slaves deportation. Ismaila plays percussion instruments since he was a child and the diaspora has strongly characterized the sound of his life and the treated music themes. His first musical experience abroad was at 15 years old with the “Africa Djembe” band, to celebrate an important culture exchange between France and Senegal. The event’s location was a school for children with communication problems. This experience was so important that Ismaila’s mission, from then to now, is to diffuse passionately worldwide f the ancient traditional culture and music of his own country: Senegal.

Summarized below the countries which Ismaila visited during his musical career: Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, and Italy where he lives now. Ismaila curriculum vitae includes collaboration with high-profile artists producing with his percussions instruments the fusion element, the missing chain with the anciest African musical tradition, characterized by positive message his open mind oriented: the typical mood of African people. During the musical experience, Ismaila always thinks to add other types of contamination and styles such as reggae, pop, rock and disco, to have a mix with his typical tribal music, adding the sounds of other instruments such as Talking drums, sabar, djembe, dum dum, congas, timbales, darbuka, shaker. Actually Ismaila is working as percussionist in the “Kilimangiaro” band on television in the program "Alle Falde del Kilimangiaro."