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Jarrengton was born in New York City and later moved to the Dominican Republic where he started to immerse himself in the percussion world guided by Cuban and Dominican artists like Tata Güines, Hipólito Ortiz, and Odelkis Revés.

In 1998 De León started studies at the Conservatorio Nacional (National Conservatory) where he played for the Jazz Band. At the same time he formed his own group Parada Joven, which became one of the top Merengue Bands in the country with which Jarrengton won important awards and gain national recognition.

His vast knowledge of the of the caribbean percussion instruments and styles has made possible for Jarrengton to play with national and international artists like Paloma San Basilio, Armando Manzanero, Marcos Antonio Muñiz, Gypsy Kings, Willy Chirino, Andy Montañez, Tito Rojas, José Alberto Canario, Grupo Los Satélites, Cheo Feliciano, Ismael Miranda, Paquito Guzmán, Jerry Rivera, Rey Ruiz, Ruby Pérez, Fernando Echavarría’s Familia André , Los Hermanos Rosario, Milly Quezada, Johnny Ventura, Michel “El Buenon”, Ania Paz Jazz Ensemble, Josean Jacobo y Tumbao, and Héctor Acosta “El Torito".