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Javier Villar Morales

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Javier studies at the Conservatory of Music in Zaragoza,reaching 4th course on Middle level on percussion. Active member of the Symphony Orchestra of the University of Zaragoza as solo percussionist. Take part in the spectacle of street theater French group Transe Express performed at the Centre Pompidou in Paris on New Year's Eve 1999, with 800 percussionists. Work for three seasons with the theater group Pingaliraina doing medieval markets and street performances. Actively develops his works and studies as a musician and scholar of early music field taking courses with percussionists Pedro Esteban, Bruno Caillat, Keivan Chemirani, Peyman Nasepur, Michael Mettler, Andrea Piccioni, Paolo Cimmino, Judith Cohen, David Mayoral, Serguei Seppricheff or Eliseo Parra among others. This interest in early music led him to specialize in oriental and mediterranean percussion, working with dancers as Salima (Hungary), Hilary Thacker (England), Samara Hayat (Argentina), Devorah Korek (USA), Anisha Sagira (Spain ), Eva Sampedro (Spain) and Fadua Chuffi (Brazil), among others, as well as taking lessons from masters such as Lars Bo Kujahn (Denmark), Imer Matri (Lebanon), Mark Helm (USA), Omar Faruk Tekbilek (Turkey ) and Rhani Krija (Morocco) among others. Within the field of oriental music is especially enthusiastic and dedicated to the world of the Frame Drum, studying with teachers such as Glen Velez, Zohar Fresco, Murat Coskun, River Guergerian, Guildo de Assis, Trilok Gurtu, Hakim Ludin, Ramesh Shotam. He broads his studies travelling to India in December 2006, specifically to Madras to study labor Subash Chandran and Ganesh Kumar as kanjira instruments, the mridangham, the ghatam or konnakol. Repeat his trip to India in January 2009, but this time to Benares, to study with the tabla master  Krisorji Mishra. In October,after attending seminars on Frame Drumming in diferent countries, like Germany, Greece, Italy, Scotland, Morroco,United States, Sweden, for a period of 6 years,in 2007 became the first endorser for Frame Drums Meinl German company, working two years in a row at Musikmesse Frankfurt. Acts for the past three years in Spain, France, Wales and Scotland, teaching in some of these countries. He has recorded for Movies (Across the Waters - Pakistan / India) or La Mirada (Spain), for plays (Life is a Dream) or cd .. s and Dancing Hands (Phamie Gow), two collections of organ music (Chus Gonzalez), traditional music Aragon (Diego Escolano), television commercials (Zaragoza - The Province),Hilary Thacker. Also has opening for artists like Kepa Junquera or Allan Stivell. He has worked with groups like Nuei Biella, Eduardo Paz, Expianimenta. He now works with Cantigas de Sefarad (Sephardic music), Kalenda Maya (medieval music from the XII and XIII), The Mourning King Crow, La Querencia (Flemish band), Natarash, The Ensemble Al inte,  while working with different projects of theater, dance, or music from both the classical field and the World Music.