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Jose Espino

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Conjunto Colores


Jose’s level of professionalism and ability to perform various styles of music has allowed him to work very steadily and create a solid reputation with artists in a wide array of genres from salsa and Latin jazz to big band jazz, gospel and various contemporary styles. In addition to leading his own group Clave Fusion, Jose works primarily with Salsa Con Jazz, Ricardo Pena, Dave Lemieux & House of Soul and most notably, Conjunto Colores, a band that has been on the forefront of the Denver salsa scene since the early-eighties. In addition to working & recording with Colorado’s A-list musicians, he’s been afforded opportunities to perform with Latin music icons such as Dave Valentin, Hilton Ruiz, Eddie Santiago, Luis Conte, Jerry Gonzales, Adalberto Santiago and before his passing, had performed on multiple occasions with his idol, Tito Puente. Jose credits his percussive knowledge and abilities to private instruction from Gary Sosias, Karl Perazzo, Fausto Cuevas and world-renowned percussionist, Giovanni Hildalgo.