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Juan Carlos Melian was born in Caracas, Venezuela, from an immigrant family from the Canaries Islands (Spain). His musical interest started in at the early age of 3 and as his grand mother recalls, "this child can spend hours playing on a milk jug". This was why he got his first drum set being just four years old.

The primary and secondary school was completed at the well reputed Emil Friedman acknowledged for its high academic level and serious educational program within music and creative art. At 6 year old, Juan Carlos entered the school choir, at 7 started to play trumpet in the school band, and at 8 participated in the first child's' brass quintet in Venezuela, directed by Maestro Larry Fengher. Furthermore, he studied violin, cuatro (traditional Venezuela guitar) and flute. As such, he gains at a very early stage experience with live performances at places like Teatro Nacional, Teatro Minicipal de Caracas, Teatro Minicipal de Maracay, Teatro de Valencia, etc. Elementary school was succeeded by two years of studies Instituto Universitario de Nuevas Profesiones de Caracas, majoring in the IT/System Design.

In 1984 Juan Carlos decided to be a professional musician bringing him to live in both New York City, Mexico and Madrid where he has lived since 1993. Throughout the career, Juan Carlos has played in recording sessions and live performance with top musicians around the world, and today his name appears in the credits from Grammy Award winners and multi-platinum selling artists such as Luis Miguel, Joan Manuel Serrat, George Benson, Joaquín Sabina, Alejandro Sanz, Shakira, Marta Sánchez, just to name few.