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Kornél Mogyoró

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Kornél Mogyoró percussion artist is one of the most busy musicians in Hungary. He was born in Kecskemét, 1976. He has been playing music since his early childhood, and became a professional player by the age of 18. He is autodidact.

Being employed at wide range of versatile musical genres, he is a virtuoso percussionist, drummer, and songwriter. Kornél mix drumming and percussion playing in his unique performance. He is familiar with hand percussion techniques (conga, bongo, djembe, cajon, etc.), finger techniques (darbuka, riq, bodhran, etc.), and also drumstick play (timbales, drums). He is always on the road touring with his bands or as a session player in Hungary and all across Europe.

He has performed on stage with Hungarian pop, rock, jazz and world music giants during his carrier, like Gábor Presser, Tátrai Band, Bikini, Nikola Parov, Kolinda, European Mantra, Vojasa etc., as well as with well-known and highly appreciated international artists and ensembles, like Benjamin Herman, Raynald Colom, Paulo Russo, Martin Shaw, Vincent Mascart, or „Dhoad” Gipsies Of Rajastan. He participated on the continental tour of the European Youth Jazz Orchestra in 2001.

He performed at the most famous European jazz and world music festivals, as well as theater festivals, in more than 20 countries. Furthermore, he contributed in more than 20 theatre performances both as a collaborator and performer (Maladype Theater, Szeged Contemporary Dance Company, etc.) His delicate playing can be heard on more than 70 recordings, in a short film, in 3 animated cartoons, and in 2 movies.

He won "the percussionist of the year 2014" in his country, according to the votes of the audience and also the critics.