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Loris Lombardo




Loris Lombardo graduated with honors in classical percussions at the Conservatory GF Ghedini of Cuneo, at Tullio de Piscopo's NAM drums school, at Soncino's Percussion Academy and got his degree at the Ultimate Drum Experience of London. He has since then devoted himself to the study of percussion instruments from India, Turkey, the Middle East and has investigated percussion cultures from all over the word. Winner of World Drum Contest in 2011 and of Percfest, Europe Percussion Competition in 2012, he published the first method for handpan / hang (book and DVD).Among his collaborations: Andrea Braido, Antonio Marangolo, Clara Moroni (Vasco Rossi), Beppe Gambetta, Carlo Aonzo, Marlene Kuntz, Richard Barbieri, Max Manfredi and Fabio Zuffanti.He has been on tour with his solo show "HANDPAN & PERCUSSIONS CONCERT "in various theaters in Italy, England and Germany, he has recorded 17 CD's, including one solo. In 2015 he started, and presently directs, Quiliano's "Sounds from the World Music Academy", a brand new didactic project, the first to promote the study of hadpan/hang, along with other music related disciplines, featuring top level teachers and trainers. He is a regular contributor to such popular Italian music magazines and journals as DRUMSETMAG and PLANETDRUM.