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Normally people fill this space about how they were inspired by their first concert, a KISS action figure or all the pretty girls that followed Davey Jones around even though he only played the tambourine. My story is closer to being sealed up inside a kick drum by my big brother and having to beat/play my way out of it.

CHAPTER 1:  Seattle
I grew up in the NW Grunge movement, which is why I still wear flannel pajamas with holes in them. It was a great place to be a kid with “deep water” to draw from.

CHAPTER 2:  Los Angeles
Did “MY TIME” in LA. When not in traffic, I played mostly Jazz gigs with folks like Ernie Watts & Bobby Shue. I remember an awards banquet for Nancy Reagan, where the secret service followed me everywhere I went! Later I learned that the Reagans actually complained about my playing.  It’s my favorite claim to fame.

CHAPTER 3:  Nashville
Moved to Tennessee as part of a government plot to destroy all banjos. Nashville is like always being on a job interview for the best job ever. It’s an amazing combination of studio, travel, local gigs, hit writers and sausage gravy.