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Monojit Datta

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Orient Express, Los Amigos, Let the river flow


An inspiration for almost every musician in Calcutta, Monojit is a percussionist extraordinaire, equally at home playing the flute, clarinet, keyboards and guitar. He had a dream of playing authentic Latin music, which he nurtured even while playing for rock bands such as Shiva and world music outfit D for Brother, with his brother, guitar virtuoso Amyt Datta. The dream came true in the form of his band The Orient Express where he has hand picked all the musicians in the band and trained them to become sensitive, talented and energetic contemporary musicians playing authentic Latin music. He has played with stalwarts such as Louis Banks, Ranjit Barrot and Remo Fernandes and has been awarded the Surendra Paul Award for Excellence.

At the age of three Monojit picked up two cans and tied them up, pretending they were bongos.Gradually they metamorphosed into real bongos,exhuding authentic sounds.

Gradually a realisation played within him that these were the sounds he was searching for. Soon to be followed by the congas, drums, timbales, maracus, guido etcetera. The beauty lies in the fact that since the city of Kolkata did not have any teachers in this genre at point of time. Incredibly what he played was genuine, and has been endorsed as AUTHENTIC from numerous persons residing from the lands of these sounds.

The Poncho Sanchez look alike, by the age of 16yrs, Datta began to perform prolifically & proffessionally, with leading set ups within the country. It was later, that he formed his dream set-up, the very first, authentic Latin band in the country (India).

The very first Latin band that he formed is 'orient express'(inclusive of vocals) rapidly followed by 'los amigos'-Latin jazz band. Both proved to become beloved to all tuned ears and dancing feet.

Datta also holds solo concerts,workshops,featuring many a student who has shown promise. It is necessary to qualify that each and every member of both his bands-'orient express' & 'los amigos' have been literally rubbed to perfection before they even had any idea of a 'stage'.

As the clock ticks on, streams of very young to persons, persons of any age come for lessons from this the extent even bassists & pianists have to undergo training to in order to keep up with the varied rhythem of Latin patterns.

Datta has performed with musicians from many parts of South America and Europe, as well as prominent musicians from India.

Datta has gone on to inspire this generation across the country to the Latin beats.

But the wonderfully enigmatic & intriguing question still remains ... how did he learn to play without teachers?. To this he points upwards and says 'God - thank you'.