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Nené Vásquez




Marquess, Mo´horizons, Mingaco Orchestra, Breaking Salsa, Hannover Big band, Christoph Busse Quartett


Well known musician in the Latin-Undergroud world,he started in Caracas ( Venezuela ) with folkloric traditional ritms from his country and pop betwen 1979 and 1993. During that period he worked with :Grupo Madera, Catatumbo, Diveana, Alicia Plaza, Hely Orsini ( Los Cañoneros). At the same time worked in the musical “La historia de la salsa” with Venezuelas Central University Chorus.

Since 1993 till 2001, he moved his residence to Bogotá ( Colombia) working with Shakira, Charlie Zaa, Edy Martínez, Yambao,Colombia All Stars,Cheo Feliciano, Marcelo Cezán,Carolina Sabino, José Gaviria,Alfredo de la Fé y Pacho Galán . During this period, he teached percussion in UNNICA University and workshops in other universities and music schools as Bogotá, Barranquilla, Manizales. Etc. With the National Colombian Theater, he worked in two productions as percussionist. ( La casita del placer and Cresencio)

During 7 years he played with Aterciopelados making a MTV unplugged and being nominated for the American´s Grammys. They won the Best Latin rock band Grammy in 2001. The Rolling Stone Magazine name them as one of the 10th best bands live in 1999. Was nominated too for the best percussionist by Pop & Rock of Venezuela Awards and for the best invited artist for Schock Preis of Colombia Awards. ( with Sonorama band)

With Aterciopelados made a colaboration for Dirty Dancing 2 Soundtrack starting in that moment his carrer as productor. He worked in radio and TV advertiements in Colombia and co-musicaliced some TV shows. He recorded percussions with Cachorro Lopez and played with Caballeros de la quema, Illya Kuryaky and Los Fabulosos Cadillacs in Argentina and Molotov and Enanitos Verdes in Mexico.

In 2002 he moved to Germany but continued working with Aterciopelados. He made his first own muscial proyec “ Proyecto Catastrófico”. In Italy he made colaborations with Aldredo de la Fé ( Latitudes), Cheo Feliciano and other. In Montecarlo he played with Celia Cruz for the Royal Family.

In Europe he works with so many artists as: 4Hero, Roachford, Roger Cicero ( Platin disc),Christoph Busse, WDR Big Band, The ScreenClub, Brasilectro, Ritmo del Mundo, Sonora 51, HR Big Band, Tania María, Laith al Deen, India Martínez, Raúl Obregón, Max Mutzke,etc.

With Mo´horizons made a few international tours and songs for movies ( Zoolander and Repoman) With Sebastian Schunke he made a tour in Africa, Asia and Southamerica. In Africa thay made a tour with the German prime minister ( Horst Köhler )

With Marquess he worked for 5 producctions and they won an Golden Disk in 2015.

He works for Ableton and Sennheiser and represents Rohema, Meinl, Roland, Remo.

He was productor with Mo’horizons, Carolina Sabino, Lo Peor, Brazilectro, Mingaco Orchestra,  etc.

At this moment has a few proyects: a Musical called “ Breaking Salsa”, recording percussions for the new Christoph Busse Quartett Jazz disc, producting and making arrangements for Mingaco Orchesta and Mo´horizons. And writting for Marquess new album "En Movimiento" summer 2018.


"Aterciopelados" Grammys und Gewinner der Grammy Latino als Beste Rock band 2001.

"Marquess" Favoritas Gold Award 100000 Kopien verkauft 2015.


Sensación Gaitera Vinil 1985 Venezuela

Los Gaiteros del Tio Pepe La escuela de la gaita Vinil 1987 Venezuela

Catatumbo El Monongo Vinil 1989 Venezuela

Catatumbo Durisimo Vinil 1990 Venezuela

Catatumbo Hola viejito Cd and Vinil 1991 Venezuela

Los Bravos de la Gaita “Vol 2” CD 1992 Venezuela

Catatumbo 92 Vinil 1992 Venezuela

Criollo y Sabroso “El negrito fino” Vinil 1993 Venezuela

Edy Martinez Privilegio CD 1995 Colombia

Pilar Duque Gracias a ti” CD 1994 Colombia

Hernan Salazar “ Alma Viril CD 1994 Colombia

La Fiesta Gaitera “Vol 1” CD 1996 Venezuela

Hernando Vasquez “Homenaje a Tito Rodriguez CD 1997 Colombia

Aterciopelados Caribe Atomico CD 1998 Colombia

Bako CD 1998 Colombia

Carolina Sabino La puerta azul CD 1998 Colombia 

Nené Vásquez y Casalta 2 Abriendome los caminos CD 1999 Germany

Aterciopelados Tributo a Sandro Un disco de Rock CD 1999 Argentina 

Alfredo de la Fé Latitudes CD 2000 Italy 

Jazz Woche Hannover 2000 CD 2000 Germany

Aterciopelados Evolucion CD 2002 Colombia

Sonorama ‘Shock’ Award Colombia – best recording for CD 2003 Colombia

Proyecto Catastrófico - His second Cd is produced together CD 2003 Germany

Alejandro Gomez & Ardilalunch “Dos” CD 2004 Colombia

Aterciopelados Dirty Dancing 2 -Motion picture soundtrack. CD 2004 U.S.A.

The Resource Ü - samplers CD 2004 Germany

Gaby Schenke´s Second Edit CD 2005 Germany

Andrea Echeverri CD 2005 Colombia

2 reflex written and arranged in collaboration CD 2005 España

Famasloop 3 Casas CD 2005 Venezuela

Roachford Word of Mouth produced by Mousse T. CD 2005 Germany

Roachford River of Love produced by Mousse T. CD 2005 Germany 

Sebastian Schunke -Live at Tränenpalast,Berlin- DVD 2005 Germany

The Screenclub Next Channel CD 2006 Germany

Roger Cicero “Mannersachen” CD 2006 Germany

Charada Loteria CD 2006 Germany

Cheese records Topo desperado CD 2006 Germany

Shark Island Gathering of the Faitful CD 2006 Italy

Proyecto Catastrófico Venezuela demo 14 CD 2007 Venezuela

Liquid Percussion Sampler CD 2007 Germany

4 Hero “Morning Child” CD 2007 England

Mo Horizons “Sunshine today” written in collaboration CD 2007 Germany

The Screenclub - “The time is now!” CD 2008 German

Aterciopelados Lo mejor MTV Unplugged CD - DVD 2008 U.S.A

Ritmo del Mundo 1.0 DVD 2008 Germany

Colibri New Stars CD 2008 Germany

Mo ‘horizons Ten years of written in collaboration CD 2008 Germany

Latin Garden 3 The World of latin grooves CD 2008 Turkey

Arriba la cumbia! written in collaboration CD 2008 Belguiem

Caribbean Flavors Vol 1 Samplers Produced DVD 2009 Germany

Sonora 51 Desde hamburgo CD 2009 Germany

Christoph Busse trio Awakening CD 2009 Germany

Marquess Compañia del sol CD 2009 Germany

Marquess Arriba! CD single 2009 Germany

Hidden Jazz Quartett “Waltzer” Vinil 2010 Germany

Mowgli Caraibi Vinil-MP3 2010 England

Agogo makes the world go round. written in collaboration Vinil 2011 Germany 

Agogo - Music for the global hipster. written in collaboration CD 2011 Germany 

Saint-Hill Colectivo Son my soul CD 2011 Germany