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Ohrbooten, Alligatoah


The Onkel, born 1980 in Berlin, can usually, though not exclusively, be seen performing with his Berlin based band called "Ohrbooten". Chances are you'll find candy in his pocket, a parental lock on his utter nutty trademark jabber and a seriously vivid urge to bulldoze anything and anybody after counting the band „in“.

Starting aged 12 he played pretty much any kind of stage and venue throughout his career. Same goes for the music he lend his drumming skills to. Be it a jazz choir touring south korea ('Primaner'), knocking at hell's gates with death metal and hardcore bands ('Toxon', 'Urban Majik Johnson'), hitting dance floors with techno and electro beats ('LCMDF' in Spain, Norway etc.), diving into world music ('Okou' in France) or bringing pop music to millions on every big stage and TV show across Germany ('Jeanette Biederman', 'Ben'). Or still find time being studio musician and producer at his f.o.+ZEN studios for various productions (TV, motion pictures, labels, artists etc.).

Most of the time during the year he is on tour with his own bands like "Ohrbooten", 'Das Pack', 'Tschaika' or being involved with a variety of other projects. 

Hearing diverse loop sounds and rhythms people in the audience can quite often be found wondering about the whereabouts of a percussionist or naturally another musician on stage. And if they search for a playback machine, truth be told, they'll find out: there simply is none! For Onkel is already sporting all those things simultaneously at his ridiculous and unique drums setup. That's why it looks the way it is. Built to fuel a single great credo. A dedication to bring together things that usually needs two musicians to make it work. This way Onkel has created a new and his very own amalgam style (drums & percussion, drums & bass). 

And what else is there to say? - Indeed it works!

For all this to blend so seemlessly it must be said that Onkel also enjoyed a good 12 years of classic piano, E-bass and guitar education, elevating his musical understanding immensely. It's always better to know 'the language' of the peers you are playing with, isn't it?

Onkel attended the 'Popkurs Hamburg' and is lecturer at the "Drumtrainer Berlin" school. A drumming highlight was to headline the 'Meinl Drumfestival 2012' as part of the "DRIO" with Benny Greb and Jost Nickel and doing a great clinic with Rene Creemers (Drumbassadors).