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Paulo La Rosa was born in Lima on May 29 1967. 

He is a son of art, coming from a family with strong musical background. Since child age he shows a great talent for music, at 10 he begins to study clarinet and, as self taught, percussions, this second one being his real great passion that later he will further discover during trips in 1985 to Habana, New York and South America hanging out with musician such as Changuito, Tata Guines, Horacio El Negro Hernandez......

At the age of 13 his first debut in some Roman Clubs, in live collaborations. We mention the following: Alfredo Rodriguez, Tata Guines, Carlos Patato Valdez, Ray Sepulveda, Jose Alberto El Canario, Paquito Guzman, Willie Gonzales, Ray Mantilla, Mercado Negro, Africando, Marina Rei, Lucio Dalla, Cora And Josh Coleman.....

He participated to three consecutive seasons of the TV show "I Fatti Vostri" with Antonio & Marcello, two seasons of the tv show "La Corrida" with Corrado, 1997 Sanremo Festival, Demo Morselli's Band six seasons on the tv show Buona Domenica, six seasons of the "Maurizio Costanzo Show", two seasons of "Tutte Le mattine", 2009 and 2010 Festival di Castrocaro, 2008 "Dimmi la verità", and "Chi fermerà la musica" in 2008. "I love Italy" in 2010 and 2011. 

With The Demo Morselli's Big Band he performed amongst many others with: Claudio Baglioni, Laura Pausini, Michael Bublé, Lionel Richie, Pooh, Nek, Giorgia, Alex Britti, Max Pezzali, Biagio Antonacci, Le Vibrazioni.

Paulo La Rosa teaches since 1987, he has published an instructional video in 1994 and a study method on CD in 2007.