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From San Juan Puerto Rico, Grammy Nominated Raul Rosario Garcia is part of a new generation of percussionists that are raising the bar with their talent and versatility around the world. 

At the age of 7, Raul began studying music formally at the School of Fine Arts in Carolina, PR. He began taking lessons from Raul Berrios who became later one of his mentors. The first instrument that Raul began studying was the drum set and then percussion.

At 15 years old, Raul started playing the Timbales and drum set in the orchestra Sonido Tempo and at age 16 he started taking private lessons, reading and musical technique with renowned percussionist Rafael "Tito" De Gracia, who is one of his biggest influences on Raul’s development as a musician.

Raul has had the opportunity to play with major orchestras and soloists such as Domingo Quiñones, Luis Enrique, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Víctor Manuelle, Tony Vega, Luisito Carrión, Adalberto Santiago, Puertorrican Power, Rey Ruiz, Andy Montañez, Brenda K. Starr, La INDIA, Carolina Lao, Michael Stuart ,Orquesta Mulenze, Tito Nieves, Tito Allen, Johnny Rivera, Charlie Cruz, N'KLABE, NG2, Marlon, Grupo Atabal, Grupo Plena Libre, Truco y Zaperoco, Emma Colon Zayas, and Pedrito Guzmán. 

In the genre of Christian Music and Pop Music, Raul has participated as a percussionist with performers like Abraham Velazquez, Bethliza Cintron, Ezequiel Colón, Samuel Hernandez, brothers David and Abraham Velazquez and Juan Velez.

Raul has participated in major events such as the Puerto Rico Heineken Jazz Fest, Jazz Fest in Morocco and The National Day of Salsa in Puerto Rico.

In his vast experience in studio , Raul has worked with producers such as: Angel "Cucco" Peña, Jose Gazmey, Humberto Ramirez, Guillermo Calderón, Julito Alvarado, Ramon Sanchez, Angelo Torres, Luis Garcia, Mark Sanchez, Juan Carlos "Juaco" Cardona and Luis "Perico" Ortiz. He has also had the opportunity to play in such important international stages such as The Latin Grammys, The National Theatre of the Dominican Republic and the Latin American Festival in Rome .

One of the most significant concerts he has been part of, is the 50th Anniversary of El Gran Combo of Puerto Rico in one of the most important and emblematic rooms in Puerto Rico, The Fine Arts Center of Santurce.

Other significant moments in Raul’s career was his participation in the " Puerto Rico Jazz Jam" hosted and produced by Humberto Ramirez and his participation in a Tito Puente tribute called "Rey del Timbal" with a Big Band directed by Humberto Ramirez. Raul played as guest percussionist with his two teachers and mentors, Rafael "Tito" De Gracia and David Rosado Cuba (MEINL Artist ).