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Roberto Serrano

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Jesús Adrián Romero


Grammy nominated artist Roberto Serrano is a recognized Mexican percussionist and drummer whose constant search for musical excellence has allowed him the privilege of working with highly recognized musicians like Alvaro Lopez, Michael Landau, Abraham Laboriel and John Peña.

Producers that have required his talent include Kiko Cibrian, Neil Kernon, Tony Battaglia, Paul Leary, Jorge Espino, Memo Gil, Jesús Flores, Luis “Vavy” Lozano, Mike Major, David Garza, Billy Townes, Alvaro Lopez, Norman Garcia, John Presley, Joe Cueto, Alberto Espino, Mike Rodríguez, Daniel Fraire, Abraham Martinez, Mike Rosario, Julián Collazos just to name a few. 

Recording companies for whom he has done studio work are Vastago, EMI Music, Canzion, ReyVol, Romance, Sima, Bauta Music, Aliento, Quality, French Fries, IM, Sinerdisc, Shine and Fueled by Ramen Records. 

Roberto versatility expands across different musical genres including classic jazz, latin, rock, folk, ballroom and concert hall music and this has allowed him

to extend his talent into movie soundtracks and theater scores.

Currently Roberto is playing with Jesús Adrián Romero, one of today’s most recognized Spanish Spoken Christian Artists.