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Rodny Theran Paz

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Theran Paz


From Cartagena (Colombia), Rodny started playing percussion at age 13 at school and then with local bands from the area and is now one of the most in demand percussionists in Colombia.  

In 1996 Theran moved to the nation's capital to acquire other skills and grow musically and very soon after he started playing with national and international artists such as Moises Angulo, Danny Marin, Vallenet, Latin DC, Soraya, Rey Ruiz, Wilfrido Vargas, Andy Montañez, Fonseca, BIP, Karoll Marquez, Fanny Lu, Dragon y Caballero, Cabas, Puerto Rican Power, Cheo Feliciano, Ricarena, Maelo Ruiz, and Petrona Martinez.

At the same time Rodny started participating in recording and had the chance to be involved in projects with Moises Angulo, Dagon y Caballero, Diomédez Diaz, Latin DC, B.I.P., Ivan Villason, Sin Animo de Lucro, and Carlos Vives y La Provincia with which he is been playing and touring the world for the last 8 years.   

Rodny says that his musical influences are mainly coming from Colombian folkloric rhythms and Afro-Cuban music. 

Rodny recorded Pombo Musical (Grammy winner for children's music), Clasicos 2 and the most recent one Corazón Profundo with Carlos Vives y La Provincia.