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Sabine Vieten

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Sabine Vieten started out with classical drumming classes in Bonn, Germany. In Cologne she attended the Else-Lang/KarlFolltz Institut for creative dance and music. Then she graduated from the Latin Percussion School in Munich where she studied with Omar Belmonte. Furthermore she took classes with the Jazzschool in Munich which also included vocal training and participated in the pop classes offered by Udo Dahmen at the University of Music in Hamburg.

From the very beginning she played drums with several bands, starting with independent bands like Venetian Blind, Bam Bam Muzak, Lost in Mekka in Bonn and Cologne. In Munich she played with Jazz-/Latin-/Funk groups like Thomas Raimer’s Samba Nova, Most and Funkstelle. 

At that point percussion became more and more important and Sabine  played with Casa, Kirov, Killer Bees, Schlagsahne, Omar Belmonte’s Latin Lover (touring Germany), Titus Waldenfels, Sally con Willy, Cyber Space Hippies (support AC/DC) and the StoryvillShakers (Leroy Jones). Performances with Glow and Die Happy (unplugged Tour incl. CD- and DVD recordings) followed. Besides that she played drums and percussion with Drum Legends – Hermann Rarebell and Pete York i.a. and supported the world renowned Gregor Prächt.

She accompanied Glenn Frey in the the late night show of Thomas Gottschalk as well as Casandra Steen and AdelTavil at THE DOME 50 and had performances at the Dieter Thomas Heck show and the Schlawiner Platz.

Sabine  worked with Johannes Brunner and Raimund Ritz – both sculptors and musicians – and worked on rhythm performances with the choreographer Viktoria Hauke. She also coached an actress “Lotta” for a telenovelaproduction of Pro7.

Currently she is one of the main facilitators for Drum Café Germany, play percussion and drums with MunichAllstars, Georgio Farina “Gospel meets Rock” and Hardin & York.