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Santino Scavelli




The multi-instrumentalist Santino Scavelli is currently one of the most popular new comers within Germany’s world music scene. His knowledge bases on his double degree in Trossingen and Mannheim, where he presently lives. Santino studied orchestral percussion at the university in Trossingen, with emphasis on drums (Klaus Heßler), Latin percussion (José Cortijo), timpani, snare drum (Robert Brenner) and xylophone (Andrea Schneider).

He also studied World Music at the Popakademie in Mannheim. Hence he could extend his musical fund by oriental percussion instruments, such as riq, frame drum, darbuka, djambé (Firas Hassan, Murat Coscun, Pape Seck).

Santino Scavelli performs with diverse world jazz formations, as well as with fusion projects, pop and electronic music bands. Depending on what a band’s line-up requires, he can change from drums to percussion or to multi-percussion, which is a combination of drums and percussion. He preferably invents his very own setup, that he arranges creatively in order to create a unique sound and style of playing.

He played with artists and bands such as Cyminolocy, Orientaljazz Ensemble FisFüz or Macase from Cameroon. Santino also shared the stage with masters like Murat Coşkun, Andrea Piccioni and Zohar Fresco. In 2016 and 2017 he was invited to the „Tamburi Mundi Festival“, where he cooperated with different artists. In 2018 he won the festival’s „Frame Drum Award 2018“ with his solo programme on the stage of the acting college E-Werk (Freiburg). His aspiration is to unite different cultures. He combines styles of playing and rhythms from all over the world, which he also includes in his playing or strips them down in order to reinvent and rearrange them, for instance with electronics and sounds, implementing them live on stage or in the studio. Besides that he also works as a composer and producer. In 2015 he wrote the soundtrack for the documentary film „Die neuen Deutschen“ (The New Germans). He composes and arranges not only for his own bands, but also for artists and bands such as Tambour Quartett, Pulse Project, YeY, Lakvar and Mumuvitch Disko Orkestar. Santino is also an event organiser. He initiated a project called „Pour les Amis“, that he realised in cooperation with the City of Mannheim and the Oriental Music Academy. It is a network concert event for the world music scene in Mannheim and its surroundings. Renowned artists such as Max Clouth, Annette Mayer and the composer from Istanbul Ceyda Pirali performed there.