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Shen Wang




WJX Percussion Ensemble


At an early age with his father learning percussion. A student has won several national youth Music Competition first prize, to participate in China. He has recorded the China's first Percussion album, and went to Japan, France to perform. When 18 years old, he held a personal percussion solo concert in Beijing music hall, and was invited to visit Julia, Cleveland, the conservatory Curtis, the same year was admitted to the United States with the Dr.John Wooton USM School of music, major in music performing and obtained the music degree scholarship. While studying in the United States he had been learning with Dr.Gordon Stout, Mr.Howard Stevens, Mr.Alew Acun, Mr.David Weckl, Mr. Dave Samuels and other the world most famous percussionists.
Shen is master of percussion variety of playing techniques and Insights of playing style and sound, the system and in-depth study of jazz percussion and improvisation, Marching Percussion Instruments, and steel drum playing, and World percussion.
Five times played in PAS. Served as USM Orchestra percussion, Mississippi Gulf Coast Symphony Orchestra percussion, USM marching band, Hattiesburg Steel orchestra, and went to performing all over the United States and China.In2007,hewon the twenty-eighth LHS master class scholarship, and with excelled achievement through marimba master classes. His playing style diversification, have up to dozens of percussion Techniques, the first mainland China Marching Percussion major, He is currently the most comprehensive young Western percussion Instrument performer in China.
Since year 2000, Shen plays many percussion concerts in China every year and successful completion of a plurality of improvised Percussion works with many artist, and continue to explore the Arts of Percussion.