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Simon "Si" Mullumby

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Si has developed a totally new style of playing didgeridoo.

Mixing tight vocal percussive beats with deep bass grooves an awesomely textured sonic environment is created.

Within the 20 years he has been playing he has become one of the most respected didgeridoo players in the world. Si has a strong following in Australia, Japan and Europe after touring many times with his dance band Wild Marmalade.

He performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival under the management of Phil McIntyre Entertainment in 2005 and 2006 with Trans World Orchestra (TWO), a world music band. TWO had tremendous success at the festival through their ability to promote themselves through powerful street performance.

In 2004 Si became the first didgeridoo player in history to have had a contract with the world famous “Cirque du Soleil” in Las Vegas.

Si developed his showmanship upon the streets of Europe and Australia. His solo show had its origin during the 1998 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He then performed on the street for several years before taking his work to the stage and theaters of the world.

Si was inspired to play after a mystical experience in India where he realized that it was his life purpose to play didgeridoo. After this experience he left medical school and hitchhiked around Australia. Playing intuitively for many years Si went on to Study drumming and body percussion then entering the professional arena as a didgeridoo musician.


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