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Stuart Pringle

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Independent, Ed Sheeran, Mikill Pane, The Remedies, Shakkah, Kelly Rowland, Amelia Lilly, Slakkah the Beatchild


Stuart has always had a passion for percussion which all stems from learning Latin grooves as a young drummer, to his lessons with Alex Wilson at BANM college to citing early inspirations of Louis Conte, Carter Beauford, Steve Gadd et all. Since his early days of touring Europe with his school's Big Band at 14, he often found himself having to share both kit and percussive roles, thus as a kit drummer Stuart continually added percussive voicings into his playing to replicate this in his performance.  As a session player, he has established a noted and deft independence to achieve this when it comes to his kit set up and cajon set up.

As a percussionist Stuart has performed on shows such as the X Factor, various BBC TV, countless radio gigs, festivals, tours and recorded at such places as Sticky Studios and Maida Vale amongst others.

Stuart also has a passion for tutoring and has become a well established educator, facilitator and workshop leader.

“ Wether it's leading percussion workshops, recording sessions, TV appearances or live shows and tours I know that Meinl have everything I need. Their selection of Cajons and Congas (let alone everything else) is unprecedented  and unrivalled. As a kit player I love the options I have to add voicings, they enrich the tone and feel of any performance; I always strive to replicate drum kit and percussive parts as a solo player to make it as live and energetic as possible. Meinl's selection and innovation have me covered!”