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At very young age Wouter started making music. First he played the snare-drum at Drumfanfare Michaël (then called Drumfanfare St. Michaël). Some times later he became a member of Jongerenkoor Tell It Everywhere, where he was choirsinger but also altenate drummer. At this youthchoir he has been musical advisor and alternate drummer and conductor for years. In March 2000 he started playing Brazilian percussion with Sambagroep Mistura Fina (nowadays Sambaschool Mistura Fina). After played several instruments in this group for a few years he became alternate conductor of the group.

In 2003 he started a new percussiongroup with some other musicians: Outra Vez! where he is conductor en plays several instruments. With (and without) this group he occasionaly gets lessons from for exaple Alaor Soares (artistic leader of Redondo Música), John Paul Courtney, Meiko Meissner and Michael de Miranda (musical leader of Sambalanço). Wouter also had lessons from Jean-Christophe Jaquin and Jérôme Boumendil.

Wouter also organizes the Nijmegen Samba Festival, every year ever since 2005 with some other samba-enthousiastics. This festival takes place at the first weekend of September in the innercentre of Nijmegen. Wouter takes care of the programm of the festival.

Since 2006 Wouter has his own venture with witch he gives workshops for every kind of groups.

Since 2012 Wouter also plays at União dos Países Boaixos, one of the projects of Meiko Meissner. Wouter also is asked to help out different percussion groups.

Wouter also looks at how instruments can be improved and new instruments can made, together with Meinl Percussion.