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TARZAN Musical



Afro-Cuban, African, Indian, Asian, Arabic, and classical percussion, drums as well as various analogue sound installations, and textures.


Percussion TUTOR: 
Rhythm tutor, Hamburg School of Entertainment Drumline (Elmshorn) 
Institute of musical science (University of Hamburg)
Percussionist for Contemporary Dance and Ballet classes at the JOOP VAN DEN ENDE ACADEMY from September 2007 

„Tarzan - Das Musical“, Hamburg, Music by Phil Collins, German premiere - Principal Percussion from October 2008. MD: Bob Edwards 
„Tarzan - Das Musical“, Stuttgart - Principal Percussion since autumn 2013
Percussionist for dance castings „Tarzan - Das Musical“ 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 Percussion recordings for the Dutch production of Disney’s „Little Mermaid“ 2012
„Sherlock Holmes“, 2012 Percussionist
„Once in this Island“, MD Stephan Sieveking 2011
„Best of Musical“, additional recordings 2010, German premiere
„Songs for a New World“, German premiere in Hamburg, autumn 2006. Musical Director: Carsten Paap 
„Dirty Dancing“, Principal Percussion from the European premiere in 2006 
„Mamma Mia“, Principal Percussion from 2003 
„Der König der Löwen“ (The Lion King), Principal Sub Percussion since 2001 
„Kiss“, Musical in Hamburg with The Rattles 1999-2000 
„The Last Five Years“, Wuppertal and Wetzlar 2005, MD: Fred van Straten, Supervisor: Sebastian De Domenico 
„Still friends“- Tour 2010 starring Pia Douwes and Annika Bruhns, MD: Jon Mortimer 


„Wilhelm Tell“ (sound and music, composition), Theater Geesthacht 2011
„Annubis“, Puppenspiel Schaubühne Berlin, recordings for Wendt / Badur 2010
Recordings for „Die Welt ist groß“ (Composed by Ulrich Kodjo Wendt) 2009, Thalia Theater 
Stage Musician Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg (from 1994) in the following productions: 
„Versuchung des Heiligen Antonius“
„Der Drang“ 
„Als Dilldapp nach dem Riesen ging“ 
„Bargan lässt es sein“ 
„Die Jungfrau von Orleans“ 
„Weill-Fieber“- Revue, recordings Theater N.N. 2000 
„Don Carlos“ recordings (Thalia Theater, Mark Badur 2011)

„Der Arzt, sein Weib und sein Sohn“, Theater Ars Invert, Gaswerk Hamburg 1993
„Urfaust“, Theater Ars Invert, Fabrik Hamburg 1997/98 
„Bargan lässt es sein“, Co-Composer to Karlo Buerschaper, Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg, Schauspielhaus Leipzig, Staatstheater Schwerin 1996-98 „Spiegel der Zeit“, Börse Hamburg 1996 

Compositions of audioplay soundtracks

Theater Ars Invert (Hamburg) 1995-1998 

Drummer/Percussionist ON Movie soundtracks: 
„Poulet aux Prunes“ (France, Germany 2011) starring Isabelle Rosellini, directed by Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud

ZDF/ Robert Schulte-Henning, among others „Verzauberte Emma“ 
Wüste Filmproduktion, Ulrich Kodjo Wendt: 
Getürkt (shortfilm 1997, Fatih Akin) 
Der erste Zug (shortfilm 1999) 
Die Rosenfalle 
Back in Trouble (1998) 
Kurz und Schmerzlos (Fatih Akin, Sept.1998) 
Im Juli (Aug. 2000, Fatih Akin, Berlinale winner 2004) 
Kebap Connection (2004) 
Süpersex (2004) 
Fischer sucht Frau (TV Film, ZDF 2010)

More TV Music Recordings:
in wunderbares Wochenende (Robert Schulte-Henning, ZDF) 
Kaimane (NDR)  

Germanischer Lloyd 


Kieran Halpin
Lorraine Jordan
Ulrich Kodjo Wendt Band - Modern Jazz 
World Drum Trio - Percussion 
Sven Selle –Worldmusic Trio
Eddy Winkelmann - Blues, Cabarett 
Prince Alec - Lounge Jazz 
Fontaine Burnett - Songwriting, Rhythm & Blues 
Claudia Carbo - Latin/ Vocaljazz 
Poco Loco - Mambo, Salsa 
Garifin - lrish Folk 
Brasilikum - Bossa Nova/Samba 
Chill Attack - Ambient Jazz 
Blaswerk - Marching 
Tubeart - Percussion Performance 
LaKaffeehaus Avantgarde - Zwiefacher Jazz 
Ferdinand Försch Klanghaus 
Sound of Ye - Flamenco, Bossa Nova 
Karamala Trans Band - African 
Quinta Feira - Samba 
"Der Schimmelreiter" – Readings, Brass Band
Shala Khoshravi - Persian Music 
Peter Brötzmann, Alexander Danullis - Avantgarde, New Music 
Dr. Georgia Hoppe - Experimental 
Cue - Rock 
Uh Baby Uh - Rockpop 
Ocean Grooves - Pop and many more.

Percussion solo concerts  


OTHER Projects:
Cooperation with Jugendhilfe Ottensen: 
Creating a Trash Organ for Altonale 2000, performance 
Duo with Max Pollak, New York (Tapdance & Percussion) 
Founding member of "Schlagwerk - die Trommelshow ", Percussion show concept, performances in Lisbon and Amsterdam, 2001-2004. 
African Drumming workshops for "The Lion King" promotion Karstadt. 
Various Galas f.e. Mr. Robbie (Robbie Williams Show) 


Solo concerts and sound performances: 
Musical director and performer at "United Drum Rhythm Festival" December 2000, Friedenskirche, St. Pauli.